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I started a blog!


I started a blog!  I dedicate early mornings to writing content and late evenings to editing pictures/tweaking navigation.  This has been a goal of mine and I am finally bringing it to life.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me.  Filling pages with words, thoughts, and ideas gives me joy.  It’s important to focus on these type of passion projects to keep you inspired.

This blog is dedicated to helping women.  It’s designed to give you tips, tricks, tools, and products to navigate life.  A focus on clean beauty, being the best you, fueling your body, moving your body, mindset, and community.

The Balanced Bright Life brand consists of four pillars.  These four pillars have helped me through depression, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness. They are:

Moving your body.  I don’t use the word “workout” here because moving your body doesn’t have to be a formal workout.  For me, it’s listening to my body and focusing on how I feel.  Some days it’s a sweaty Peloton workout, other days I prefer to go slower with a full body flow by Melissa Wood Health.  I might go for a quick walk.  Whatever you can do to keep your body moving and your endorphins flowing.  It helps my mental health immensely.

Fueling your body.  I’ve dealt with gut issues a good part of my life.  After enrolling in and graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned about fueling your body.  This doesn’t mean counting calories, watching carb intake (carbs are GOOD), limiting yourself.  It is about eating how you want to feel.  Every time you put food into your body, you are nourishing it- choose the foods that will nourish it well.

Mindset.  This has been a crucial piece of my life that I never had growing up (and boy, do I wish I did).  Mindset is everything.  Your mind controls your thoughts, feelings, actions.  It changes the way you show-up in the world.  Each morning I work on my mindset- my gratitude, meditation to center myself, personal development (through podcasts and webinars), and through daily affirmations.

Community.  Surround yourself with people who encourage, uplift and motivate you.  People who share common interests and want to see you succeed.  I like to surround myself with the doers and believers.  I created the group Women in Wellness 716 to bring together women who are passionate about living a healthy life.  Complete strangers have come into my life and have changed the way I see things.  Be selective in who you interact with.

Using these four pillars, I am fully embracing and living a life full of balance, positivity, and joy.  I am able to tackle negative feelings and emotions (we all have them) a lot easier by using this toolbox.  I will share my experiences and how I implement these pillars in my everyday life.

I hope this blog helps you.  I hope it inspires you, engages you, and enables you to find happiness.  Thanks for being here!


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