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Dry Brushing and Self Care


I am starting to get into dry brushing.  Another self care trick to make you feel more energized and to improve your skin.  I bought these tools for dry brushing from another clean line that I love, Primally Pure. This dry brush and body butter are amazing and at a great price point (get an extra 10% off with code BBL10 at checkout).

The reason I started dry brushing is because of the many benefits- increased circulation, unclogs pores, reduces inflammation, reduces cellulite and removes toxicity in the body.

How do you dry brush?!

I like to do it right before I take my morning shower.  Start at your ankle and go upwards towards your knee.  Go over each section of the leg 3-5 times.  Then move on to the knee and the groin section.  Remember to always go upwards with your brush strokes- this helps with the drainage process.

For the upper half of your body, start with the arms.  Go from your wrist to elbow, elbow to armpit.  Don’t be afraid to really get in your armpit area.  Once you get to your torso area, brush down.  This is the part of the body that requires you to brush down, not up.

After you have gone through the different parts of your body (and if you are short on time, focus on one area) jump in the shower, rinse off any dry skin that came off as a result of brushing, and apply your fav moisturizer post-shower.

This is a simple and easy process once you get going.  Need a visual?  Watch Melissa Wood Health’s demonstration, here.

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